Hi everyone! The past few days have been a bit crazy, so sorry for not blogging! I have spent a lot of time with my friends and they are a total blast! My anxiety has gotten a tad better. Well sorta. I just feel a little more in control of my body and how calm I am. Im sososo sorry that this post is so short! I’ll make sure to blog tomorrow!!



my babe😍

my babe😍

first post!

Hi everyone! So I’ve decided to start a blog. Yeah. So I have some anxiety issues and just general teenage problems. I’ve tried everything to make it better. Writing in diaries, venting to friends, everything. But I just needed a place where I could document my feelings and share my experiences without being judged. This is why this blog will remain anonymous. So I had the idea to start a blog so that maybe, someday, someone out there could find it and know that they are not alone!! xoxoxo, apearlwearingirl